Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm wicket good at cricket

I am so witty.

Anyways! Before telling you all about my amazing cricket skills, a quick summary of the rest of the week with Mom. We went out to dinner, found an amazing gelato (!) place, saw Cabaret, and went to a wine bar.

Then, on Friday, I figured that we hadn't really gotten our fill of British sport, so I took my mom to Hyde Park where a bunch of ICLC-ers (plus Bill) had gathered to learn to play cricket.

(Note: I am not going to explain cricket to you here. That would take more time than I have energy to type)

BUT it appears as though I have an underlying talent for cricket, particularly for bowling (which makes sense, considering I did bowling in high school - they aren't related except by name, but we'll just assume that's true). Bowling, by the way, is a synonym for pitching here in the UK (I have no idea). I could also hit decently well, but where my talent really became apparent was in making sick plays to catch line drives. I did this once, but, given more time, I'm sure I could have made thousands more. (Outs in cricket, to explain the name of this post, are called wickets.)

And, 3 days later, I still ache. I am such an old person.

Mommy went home on Saturday, so it's probably time to get to work!


At 6:58 AM, Blogger Colin said...

gotta love reading at 3am. I just realized the title is "wicket" and not "wicked"! very funny


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