Monday, April 16, 2007

The Land Skee Ball Forgot

Now I grew up in a beach town, but I wouldn't say my standards are unnecessarily high. However, I do have to say that a beach town is not a beach town unless its arcades have skee ball. Is that asking too much? I think not!

Also, caramel apples and fresh squeezed lemonade? C'mon people!

But those problems aside, Brighton is a really cool place. It's on the southern tip of the UK, so it has a "beach" and you can swim in the English Channel (if you're a polar bear). In order to illustrate why I am calling it a "beach", I provide exhibit A:

Ignore the dorky girl in the sunglasses. Yes, ladies and gents, those are some gigantic rocks. Apparently no one has explained to the British that sand, while being made of rocks, is actually a lot finer. When you tried to lay on the beach, you first had to check to make sure Stonehenge wasn't underneath your towel (but I heard that the rocks make for a spa-like experience in the heat of summer).

Brighton also has Brighton Pier (almost as creative as Scotland!), which has rides and candy floss (cotton candy) and slot machines. It also has Regent's Palace, which is either the ugliest or most attractive building in the world (you can decide for yourselves):

Brighton is very cool at night - that is, unless the person you're day tripping with has decided to wear shorts and therefore you can't get into any bars after 7. We had dinner at a fun American restaurant and attempted to find margaritas, but couldn't because of a). Tim wearing shorts and b). they apparently don't make margaritas in Brighton.

So, in conclusion: Brighton does not have skee ball, caramel apples, lemonade, or margaritas.

They also, however, do not have Bennys. And that made my day.

The rest of the Brighton pictures are here


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