Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Soaking up some culture

I guess I'll have to soak up culture here in London because we don't really see the sun much. Oh well, I'll leave tanning for Malta this weekend!

Tonight I went and saw the London version of Wicked (which I saw in NYC in a few years ago). I didn't take any of the drama classes at ICLC, so I've been on my own as far as seeing shows has gone. I've seen Richard III (in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and it only reaffirmed my boredom with Shakespeare), History Boys, Cabaret, and now Wicked. London's got a slew of half-priced ticket booths that make it infinitely more affordable to go to the theatre. Plus on weekday night shows it's very easy to move to better seats.

Wicked is my favorite show by far, and I have to say that I think I loved it more here than I did in New York. The actress who played Elphaba had a voice that gave me chills and Glinda was hysterical. However, some inadvertently funny parts occured when British accents came into play (dahhncing through life and all), which sort of messed with the rhyming and rhythm. But I loved every moment anyway, especially when we hung out by the stage door and watched the actors come out:

That's me looking like a dork with leading man Fiyero.

And that's me and my new love Kerry Ellis, who played Elphaba. She got ungreen reallllly fast.

On a side note, my internship ended today, and I already miss it. It was such an amazing experience with a great group of people. I totally lucked out.


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